The Interrogang Podcast

Week 35 - Should We Be Unlearning?

September 06, 2023 Proof&Co. Season 3 Episode 19
The Interrogang Podcast
Week 35 - Should We Be Unlearning?
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Show Notes

Do you have any bad habits you need to break‽ Josh and Kyle are back in the habit of podcasting, so they wonder how much the traits you develop as you grow up might hold you back as a professional. You probably don't need to unlearn everything you know, because sometimes, your habits just make you who you are. Kyle can't finish what he starts and Josh's arm movements are barely human, but their neural pathways may not allow for much better...

Ten points for Hufflepuff!

Font releases highlighted in this episode:
Kibitz from Colophon
MD IO from Mass-Driver
Aligne from Leinster Type
Spades from Order Type Foundry

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